Health & Safety

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Our Health & Safety Policy

The Dublin Drain Company strives to maintain the highest standards of Health & Safety - so vital within our industry - ensuring adherence to our own and individual customer procedures.

  1. The Dublin Drain Company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety when undertaking services for its clients.

  2. Our Safety Policy provides the necessary controls to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and others who may be affected by the operations, processes and locations under the control of the company.

  3. The Dublin Drain Company meets all statutory and legal obligations as defined in relevant Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice. We understand that effective implementation of our health and safety policy requires the commitment and participation of all management and employees at every level.

  4. The Dublin Drain Company considers that health, safety and welfare legislation lays down the minimum standards and maintenance of these ranks highly with the other commercial consideration of its activities.

  5. The Dublin Drain Company is committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirement to which the organisation subscribes and these will be continually reviewed and considered when determining Company H&S requirements. The Company will strive to continually improve performance in the all areas of H&S.

  6. It is the duty of management to ensure that everything reasonably practicable is done to prevent personal injury to our staff and those affected by our operations by designing, implementing and maintaining safe systems of work.

  7. The Managing Director has prime responsibility for the implementation of this company policy.Whilst implementation of this policy is fundamentally a management responsibility success requires the co-operation of everyone.

  8. Each employee has a duty to follow instructions on safe working methods to protect themselves, their fellow workmates and any other people who might be affected.