Quality Statement

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Our Quality Statement

The Dublin Drain Company provides highly professional drainage and plumbing services and solutions to its clients. It is our policy that all within The Dublin Drain Company work to ensure the client's requirements are met to a consistently high standard at all times.

This requires:

  1. The involvement of all employees who each have a right to expect work and service of the highest standard from others and who in turn have an obligation to contribute work of the highest standard to their clients.

  2. The commitment of management.

  3. Conformance to regulatory and Health & Safety requirements at all times.

  4. The setting of standards and objectives, and the development of systems, which contribute to continuous improvement within the company.

These are achieved by:

  1. Meeting the needs of the client/customer.

  2. Effective communication.

  3. Understanding the cause of problems and actions to prevent recurrence are monitored and developed to ensure our clients continue to receive the highest quality of service from The Dublin Drain Company.

  4. Measuring and reviewing quality performance.

  5. Continuous improvement is a permanent feature of the company's life. Our systems and procedures.